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Birds of ParadiseKali Snapple (Pineapple/Snowbud x Pre 2000 Kali Mist) x Blue Heron #111Natural photo-period
Black Blue MagooPurple Punch x Blue Magoo #111Natural photo-period
Cloud ChaserCloud Cap x Oregon Huckleberry #5Natural photo-period
Ghetto BirdIce Queen x Blue Heron #111Natural photo-period
Huckleberry 3-Kings F2Huckleberry 3-Kings x Huckleberry 3-KingsNatural photo-period
Huckleberry Diesel V2Sour Diesel x Oregon HuckleberryNatural photo-period
Huckleberry Kush V5Oregon Afghani x Oregon Huckleberry 2017 #5Natural photo-period
Huckleberry MeringueIce Queen x Oregon Huckleberry #5Natural photo-period
Moose & Lobsta V2Kali Snapple x Oregon Huckleberry 2014Natural photo-period
Oregon Huckleberry IBL 2015Oregon Huckleberry F4 x Oregon Huckleberry Bx3Natural photo-period
Ravens Nest Cloud Cap x Blue Heron #111Natural photo-period