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We offer our contribution of cultivation experience by sharing these specially selected seed varieties with you!

Seeds For Me is your trusted US-based seed bank. We specialize in cannabis seed varieties of all types… regular (dioecious), feminized (gynoecious), and auto-flowering (day neutral- ruderalis) types for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse growth. We have personally selected these seeds from some of the most highly regarded cannabis breeders in the world today.

Additionally, the Seeds For Me team is proud to offer an ever expanding flower and shrubselection that focuses on the beautiful, rare and unusual annuals, biennials, and perennials seeds.

It is our mission to support the preservation and promulgation of plant diversity on Earth.

Your trusted USA seed bank for medical cannabis seeds

A professional USA seed bank for mmj seeds

These seeds are for you… they’re for your grandparents, your wife, your brother, and your mother. They’re for your circle of friends, acquaintances, and that one guy who’d benefit from them. The serious seed collectors out there, first-time gardeners, home hobbyists, and commercial enterprises alike, will all find seeds on our site.

Cannabis seed brands/Breeders

We are not a start-up seedbank, as many of you are already customers of our parent entities. In fact, we have been providing medical marijuana and flower seeds to customers for years now, and even today you can find us involved in almost every segment of the industry. We have been, and continue to be a trusted US-based seed bank.

Our expansive seed collection encompasses a wide range of seed types from many new and renowned world-class breeders that have demonstrated, and continue to practice, the highest professional breeding standards. A few of our varieties are exclusive to Seeds For Me, meaning they can’t be found anywhere else in the world!

Our commitment to ethical practice

We carry breeders from all over the world that have graciously cultivated, tested, and stabilized these seed varieties that we may offer to you, our discerning customers, viable seeds, always.

Those of us that run Seeds For Me depend on this medicine for a variety of ailments ourselves, so we also have ourselves to satisfy in this quest. Thus, you have our commitment to responsible and ethical practices in all facets of our concerted efforts.

Welcome, browse, and visit often

Once again, welcome to our online home. Please explore its many pages, including our FAQ, our product pages which include our ever-growing selection of seeds, and an apparel section. Plus the important payment and shipping options pages.  Seeds For Me ships to all 50 states, plus Canada and many countries in Europe. Try us out and experience the safest and quickest shipping of any seed bank in the industry. New seed brands and strain varieties are added regularly, so check back as often as you wish.

Send us an email if you’d like to chat with us. On behalf of the Seeds For Me Team, thanks for visiting.

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