As more states proceed to legalize cannabis — liberating our healing plant and us — we offer our contribution of cultivation experience with, and love for, this enchanted medicine.

Introducing the seed banking crew that aims for integration and inclusion:  Seeds For Me

These seeds are for you. They’re for your grandparents, your wife, your brother, and your mother. They’re for your family, and friends, and that one guy who would enjoy them. Indeed, they’re for all of humanity whose co-evolution and symbiotic history include the cannabis plant.

In our aim for inclusivity, we seek breeders from all walks of life — women, minorities, disenfranchised, et al — that have lovingly cultivated, tested, and stabilized these strains that we may offer you, our discerning customers, viable seeds, always. We offer some of the most unique, exotic, and highly sought cannabis seeds available. Our seed collection includes many new, as well as renowned world-class breeders that have demonstrated, and continue to practice, the highest professional breeding standards. 

No, we are not a start-up, as many of you are already existing customers of our parent entities.

Yes, we are a US-based cannabis seedbank that now offers you even more brand variety in natural/regular, feminized, and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Even as we launch, we continue to evaluate other seed brands for possible inclusion to our growing menu.

As many of us that helped build Seeds For Me depend on this medicine for a variety of ailments and chronic health issues, we also have ourselves to satisfy in this quest. Thus, you have our commitment to responsible and ethical practices in all facets of our concerted efforts. To mark this momentous event, we are having our Inaugural Sale.

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