We offer two types of plant starts:

1.) Unrooted cuttings– Plant cuttings that have no roots and must be rooted once you receive them.

2.) Rooted clones in soil- Small, rooted starter plants in soil in cups.

Plant description:

-Perfectly green and healthy

-Pest & disease free

-We take tall, full-leaf, multi-node cuttings. (These are not toothpick-sized starts.)

*Lifetime buy-in- You only need to ‘buy-in’ to each strain (first plant) one time. Each time you come back you can purchase the same strain that you had before for the ‘additional plant’ price. You can theoretically buy-in to every variety we sell and will then have access to our entire collection for a lifetime, or as long as we offer that strain.

*All clones and cuttings orders are required to meet a $100 minimum order value.