Papaver paeoniflorum ‘Fire & Snow’

Named for their fluffy, peony-like blooms, Peony Poppies are another annual variety considered to be a ‘Breadseed Poppy’. Unlike true peonies, which can take a few seasons to get going, peony poppies will bloom the summer after a fall or winter sowing. They grow to an average height of 3- 4 ft and their double petaled, puffy blooms measure up to 5 inches wide. The bluish-green lettuce-like foliage and large seedpods only add to the plant’s interest.This Peony Poppy is named ‘Fire & Snow’ because bright red puff of petals on top with a white underside.

These poppies will enjoy an area of full sunlight in cool regions and partial shade in warmer regions. They do best in well-drained, loose soil. Scatter seeds in the fall, late winter, or early spring while the last winter snow recedes. Starting poppies at the edge of melting snow is recommended. (You can freeze seeds for 48+ hours before sowing to increase the germination rate.) They can be established directly in the garden, in flower beds, along driveways, walkways & fences or even in a naturalized setting, by the masses. The beautiful, big blooms attract an array of beneficial insects to the garden including butterflies, bumblebees, ladybugs & even hummingbirds.

When dried, the large seed pods are prized by florists for flower arrangements and other crafts.

Part shade to full sun.

Height: 3 ft

Zones: All (annual)