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A quick look at our current selections of Sun Leaf brand cannabis seed varieties

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Abduction(Roswell Project x Lebanese)Natural photo-period
AfghAlien F2(AfghAlien F1 x AfghAlien F1) AfghAlien is Afghan landrace x Alien RationNatural photo-period
Alien Pebbles OG(Fruity Pebbles Og x AlienRation)Natural photo-period
AlienRation(Alien Rock Candy x Rocky Mountain Cookies Bx)Natural photo-period
Chem Sour Milkshake(Granola Funk x Blacktop)Natural photo-period
Ealaka(Indiana Bubblegum x Lebanese)Natural photo-period
Grape Pebbles(Fruity Pebbles OG x Grapesicle)Natural photo-period
Lebanese (24 seed)Pure landraceNatural photo-period
Medicine Breath(Grandpas Breath x Grapesicle)Natural photo-period
Moroccan Chocolate (Chocolate Rain x Ketama)Natural photo-period
Moroccan Fuel(Roswell Project x Ketama)Natural photo-period
Sinai (24 seed)Pure landraceNatural photo-period
Sour Cherry Punch(Black Cherry Punch x Black Top)Natural photo-period
SuperLeb(Superstitious x Lebanese)Natural photo-period
Syrian (24 seed)Pure LandraceNatural photo-period
Unleaded Premium Sour(Ice Cream Cake x Black Top)Natural photo-period
Violet Haze(Princess Haze x Violet Femm F3)Natural photo-period
Violet Mountain Cookies(Rocky Mountain Cookies Bx x Violet Femm F3)Natural photo-period