A quick look at our current selections of Exotic Genetics brand cannabis seeds

Seed VarietyGeneticsType
Burning Man(Spirit in the Sky x Triple OG)Natural
Candy Apple Kush(Sour Apple x Triple OG)Natural
Chocolate Marshmallow(GGlue #4 x Chocolate Chip)Natural
Chocolatina(Tina x Triple Chocolate Chip)Natural
Chromatose(Platinum White x Orange Valley OG)Natural
Citrique(Lime Skunk x Orange Valley OG)Natural
Cream 'N Tina(Cookies & Cream x Tina)Natural
Guicy Banger(The Guice x Mint Chocolate Chip)Natural
Hazelnut Cream(Miami Heat x Cookies & Cream)Natural
Hoe Down(Dosidos x Tina)Natural
Island Chill(Mint Chocolate Chip x Tina)Natural
Mooseknuckle Jockey(Moose Tracks x Tina)Natural
Paradise Circus(Tropicana Cookies x Tina)Natural
Peanut Butter & Chocolate(Dosidos x Mint Chocolate Chip)Natural
Pizookies(Starfighter x Mint Chocolate Chip)Natural
Purple Lamborghini(Purple Urkle x Triple OG)Natural
Rainbow Chip(Sunset Sherb x Mint Chocolate Chip)Natural
Slap Wagon(Triple OG x Tina)Natural