A quick look at our current selections of Annunaki Genetics brand cannabis seeds

Seed VarietyGeneticsType
BLACK CHERRY SODA BXBlack Cherry Soda x (Black Cherry Soda x Sunlounger)natural
BLUE DREAM BXBlue Dream x Sweet Blue Lilacnatural
COMFORT ZONEPurple Pleaides #2 (1:1) x Sour Cyclonenatural
COMPLEX WHITEWhite Urkle x White Lotusnatural
CREAM SODACookies & Cream x Huckleberry Sodanatural
DIVINE SPIRITSpirit in the Sky x Citrus Sapnatural
DUCKSFOOT BXFrisian Duck x Ducksfootnatural
DUTCH SODADutch Treat #5 x Huckleberry Sodanatural
EAST COAST SOUR SODA (ECSS)East Coast Sour Diesel (AJ's cut) x Huckleberry Sodanatural
FREE SPIRITP85 Bx x (Lavender x Sour Cyclone)natural
GOLDEN SODAGolden Goat x Huckleberry Sodanatural
HUCKLEBERRY SODA F2Huckleberry Soda F1 x Huckleberry Soda F1natural
ICED LEMONAIDPink LemonAid #2 x Huckleberry Sodanatural
NEW DIMENSIONJuicy x (Cash x Mango) x (Lavender x Sour Cyclone)natural
P85 BXP85 x Sunloungernatural
PINK LEMONAID V2Lemon Cheesecake x Huckleberry Sodanatural
PRISMPineapple Express x Huckleberry Sodanatural
RIPPED CITYBewilderbeast (GGlue #4 x Sunlounger) x (Purple Legends-Ultimate-Indica x Sour Diesel [fruity])natural
SHOW & TELLGorilla Glue #4 x Huckleberry Sodanatural
SOUR PINEAPPLEPineapple Express x Pink Dreamnatural
SOUR TSUNAMI BXSour Cyclone #2 (2:1) x Sour Tsunami #3 (20:1)feminized
SOUR TSUNAMI S1Sour Tsunami #3 (20:1) x Sour Tsunami #3 (20:1)feminized
SWEET BLUE LILACBlue Dream x Huckleberry Sodanatural
VITAMIN CBDPurple Pleaides #2 (1:1) x Sour Tsunami #3 (20:1)feminized