A quick look at our current selections of Mephisto Genetics brand cannabis seeds

Seed VarietyGeneticsType
3 Bears OG(Bear OG x Triangle F3)Feminized Auto-flower
Chemdogging(ChemdawgD IBL x old-school sativa auto)Feminized Auto-flower
Cosmic Queen(Spacedawg x Chemdogging)Feminized Auto-flower
Creme de la Chem(Stardawg x Chemdogging)Feminized Auto-flower
Northern Cheese Haze(Exodus Cheese x (Northern Lights #5 x Haze F2) x Fantasmo Express F4)Feminized Auto-flower
Samsquanch OG(Yeti OG x Triangle F6)Feminized Auto-flower
Skylar White(Walter White F4 x Skywalker F4)Feminized Auto-flower
Sour Stomper(Grape Stomper OG x Sour Crack F5)Feminized Auto-flower
Strawberry NuggetsSour Strawberry Kush x 24 Carat F3Feminized Auto-flower
White Chem(Walter White x Chemdogging)Feminized Auto-flower
Mephisto stock will be limited through the holiday season as there is a worldwide shortage, so grab what we have available while you can.