What About Inclusivity

Today, one can find articles in popular media that tell of the long history of cannabis as medicine. Why then do many in popular media still choose to personify the cannabis user as “stoned hippie” as its default image?

Humans from all walks of life partake of this herbal medicine, from women and so many more across this planet.

We at Seeds For Me wish to shift the conversation, and overturn the current narrative foisted by the meanness of prohibition.

In our aim for inclusivity, we seek breeders from all walks of life — women, minorities, disenfranchised, et al — that have lovingly cultivated, tested and stabilized these strains that we may offer you, our discerning customers, viable seeds always.

As many of us that helped build Seeds For Me depend on this medicine for a variety of ailments and chronic health issues, we also have ourselves to satisfy in this quest. Thus, you have our commitment to responsible and ethical practices in all facets of our concerted efforts.

Seeds For Me: An Introduction

Annunaki Genetics (the seed bank) is now Seeds For Me Seed Bank. AG’s relationship with Seeds For Me is biological. They were sprouted and cultivated by the same crew. As good fortune blessed the crew’s efforts, it evolved into the decision to separate the two operations. Partly due to the proximity to Washington State’s Breeders Alley, a network of longtime cannabis farmers/breeders, the seedbank grew on the wish to also promote fellow breeders both near and far.

While Annunaki remains a breeder, and exclusive to us, Seeds For Me is the new platform/seedbank from which we offer some of the most unique, highly sought, tried and stabilized, hard-to-find cannabis seeds available. Our seed collection includes many world-class breeders and newcomers alike who have met the criteria of the highest professional breeding standards. Our offerings include seeds from ‘Breeders Alley’ in the PNW and other seed brands from centers of cultivation outside of the US. Expect premium customer service and competitive seed deals from this newly established US-based cannabis seed bank.

Introducing the seed banking crew that aims for integration and inclusion:  Seeds For Me.